About the South Island Indigenous
Business Directory

South Island Indigenous Business Directory

In 2019, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) started a local Indigenous business directory identifying Indigenous businesses interested in working with GVHA and its partners.

The directory grew slowly over time with more businesses added monthly, and many organizations and companies expressing an interest in Indigenous procurement.

In 2022, GVHA, South Island Prosperity Partnership, the City of Victoria, The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, and the Capital Regional District joined together to create the South Island Indigenous Business Directory, a listing of Indigenous businesses located in the southern region of Vancouver Island. These businesses are varied, offering services from graphic design and catering to engineering and project management.

The South Island Indigenous Business Directory was developed to learn more about Indigenous businesses in the southern region of Vancouver Island, to find opportunities to procure more goods and services from Indigenous businesses, and to support the greater goal of Indigenous economic reconciliation.

Every day, we procure goods and services that help to keep some of the region’s most treasured places thriving. Whether it is ordering new compost bins at Fisherman’s Wharf or commissioning a local artist to beautify the Victoria Cruise Terminal at The Breakwater District, we want to ensure that our decisions are embedded in sustainable procurement practices. For us, this means not only taking into consideration the environment, but also supporting local Indigenous businesses.

We are committed to Indigenous economic reconciliation and see Indigenous procurement as a key element of this important work. We look forward to learning more through this journey and welcome your feedback.

Our sincere appreciation to Animikii who designed this website.


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